Research Methodologies

Research Methodologies - Estimation Processes, Indicators, Experiments, Transparency and Replicability

Articles in Refereed Journals

Measurement Creation paper (WoS best paper in 2017)

Longitudinal Estimation

  • "The Use of Longitudinal Mediation Models for Testing Causal Effects." 2016. Written with R. Ernst.

Direct and Indirect effects

  • "Strategies to Measure Direct and Indirect Effects in Multi-mediator Models." 2015. China-USA Business Review. Written with R. Ernst.

Book Chapters

  • "The Application of Market Orientation in Banking Industry. The Customer is NOT always rigtht?." 2010. In Marketing Orientations in a Dynamic Business World. Edited by Academy of Marketing Science. Written with C. Mercado and A. Julien.
  • "An Audit Model of Corporate Social Responsibility." 2013. In Discovering New Horizons in Management. Edited by Juan José Garcia Machado. Written with C. J Mann.
  • "Stochastic Analysis of Margin Buying in Spain." 2011. In Balancing Profitability and Sustainability: Shaping the Future of Business. Edited by M. A. Goralski, H. P. Leblanc and M. G. Adams. Written with I. Garrido Valenzuela and J. L Beltrán Varandela.