Social Development 

Social Development - Education, Inclusiveness

Refereed papers

    Multilevel scale paper

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    Exploratory papers

    • "The Internet Habits of University Students in Spain and the USA." 2010. International Business and Cultural Studies. Written with M. Monahan and A. Shah.

    Book Chapters

    • "Dos and Don´ts of Teaching Courses Overseas." 2009. In Managing in Uncertain Environments. Edited by ESIC. Written with B. Cavarkapa.
    • "Análisis de la Demanda Universitaria. Percepciones y Valores que Afectan a su Comportamiento." 2004. (Analysis of the Demand for University Students. Perceptions and Values that Affect its Behavior). Edited by AEDEM. Written with C. Mercado Idoeta.